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I work with people who want to feel more themselves,  realise their potential and enjoy life more...

Whether you are having a baby, birthing a new project or overcoming challenges I use methods that are focused and transformational for you physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically.

About Emily

As a Create Lift  Coach I offer a highly effective evidence-based hypopressives programme that helps quickly resolve pelvic floor issues, whilst improving posture, core strength and general confidence and wellbeing. 


I trained with Alice Housman (founder of Create Lift  + my amazing sister!) to become a Create Lift  Coach  after doing Level 1 and Level 2 Hypopressives training with Abby Lord Hypopressives Scotland. Create Lift  hypopressives has been developed to specifically target pelvic floor issues and core and to help resolve or cure symptoms.


The programme we offer is very unique in that we've been collecting data over the last few years to check what we do is actually working... and it is!! Beyond what Alice ever expected! It is such an honour to take women through this 14-week programme to help them get results so they can get back to doing what they love, whether that is holding their child easily, wearing tampons again, better sex, or back to exercising like they use to. 




Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

I know how vital it is to look after yourself in pregnancy so you can make good choices, feel supported and prepare for the (sometimes harder than you expect!) transition into parenthood!


Having a baby is one of life's big transitions, which is why I love birthwork, and it is what drew me into training as a doula and then becoming a midwife.  There is so much potential for growth and deepening into ones self and capabilities. But it can also be challenging and scary at times, theres a lot to consider, and we all come to it from our own perspectives and life experiences.


I've put together a series of mini pregnancy courses which are aimed at helping you get your body, your mindset, your energy and your emotions (yes!!) more aligned so you can have a more positive journey as you connect with yourself and your baby (in ways may have never imagined...yet!).

I have worked in maternity units for several years in different areas, including labour wards, continuity teams and education, which helps me to understand what having a baby can be like for you. In maternity, the focus is mainly around keeping mama and baby safe and healthy. Getting ready mentally, psychologically and spiritually to give birth and become a parent can help support you in the transition and  make a huge difference.

Before training to be a midwife in London, I was a doula, and over the years since I have taken additional courses including Aromatherapy for Labour, Infant Massage, Biomechanics for Birth, Hypnobirthing, Closing the Bones, and BirthRights for women, and I have heard many experts speak.


The most valuable tool, however, that I use with women and couples is DreamBirth    (it's a little like Hynpobirth, but super transformational, and not just for labour!). I use in most of my sessions because of how useful and empowering it is, and the incredible effects it has.



Hypnobirth uses relaxation techniques to help you prepare calmly for a calmer birth. Guided visualisation help you to practice getting quickly and effectively into a relaxed state of mind. Positive birth affirmations support you in getting your brain onboard to believe what you are capable of!

Emily offers a 8-hour hypnobirth course - please get in touch for details

 Birth Biomechanics 

Biomechanics uses knowledge of the body anatomy and physiology to understand the pregnant body and birth process better, therefore offering ways to optimise labour through positions, tension release, manoeuvres and movements. It is a very practical tools to use in labour to aid the natural unfolding of birth.

Emily has trained in Advanced Biomechanics for birth with Optimal Birth, and teaches to women and couples she works with who are preparing for birth.


A beautiful and transformational technique using the power of the imagination

Imagery uses short, focused visualisation-like exercises that enable you to work deeply and quickly with your thoughts, patterns and emotions. 

It can be done at stage of life, whether you are facing challenges, birthing new projects, having a baby (DreamBirth imagery) or wanting to reconnect to your inner most self as you tap into the intelligence of your body and higher knowing. This gives us the incredible opportunity to understand ourselves so much better and connect deeper to ourselves, whilst also using images to change our inner world (and therefore begin to change our outer world too).

Scientists claim that 95% of what we do is each day is driven by our subconscious. Imagery (being the language our body understands) is the way in which we can most effectively dialogue with, and change the programmes which drive the processes behind our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions.

In an imagery session, which is a bit like visualisation exercises with your eyes closed, you are guided to tap into your imagination and inner world using your inner sense. We know that our thoughts and emotions are connected to memories and experiences we have picked up through our life times, and we hold all of this deep within our bodies. These have a powerful effect on our daily lives, like the decisions we make, our moods, our beliefs, our 'gut feelings'. These can limit what we do, or propel us forwards.

Imagery involves tapping into these images that we hold within ourselves to see what is going on for us, what motivates, triggers and moves us. And then we take it further and learn to replace the images we store in our subconscious that don't serve us anymore, with ones that are aligned with how we want to live and be. This powerful process enable us to shed anxieties, fears, doubts, and other limiting aspects of ourselves on the deepest levels. It offers a pathway of radical self-development whilst connecting with our higher guidance and pure creation itself.


As you learn the timeless language of imagery, you have the unique ability to explore the filters through which you see the world, what really motivates you, what holds you back, and ultimately gives you tools to embodying your truest, radiant self.

"I was sceptical of Imagery at first but open to giving it a shot. The first session was a revelation. I will be eternally grateful that I came to you.

James - Kent

Emily has studied for years under Dr Catherine Shainberg (Director of the School of Images) learning the process of Saphire Imagery.  And also with Claudia Raiken, specialising in imagery for women and families through childbirth - DreamBirth. It is the most powerful tool she knows for supporting people to have positive, enriching and empowering experiences.

Emily has a degree in Psychology with years of experience working in therapeutic settings for children and families.


Having worked for years as a midwife and birth educator, she gets how navigating pregnancy, birth, postpartum, kids and life can be pretty challenging at times!... but also hold the power to be transformational.

DreamBirth® is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg

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