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Here's how to know you are a good fit working  1:1 with Emily

  • You want individualised support through your pregnancy that is nurturing, explorative and focuses on YOU

  • You want to have an empowering birth experience, and are ready to let go of the thoughts and patterns that may be holding you back, and welcome more self-love and possibilities

  • You've may have already signed up for an antenatal course, but you want 1:1 support that delves into what YOU need on the practical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels

  • You know that taking time now to nurture yourself and prepare for what's to come will set you up for future successes with yourself and your family

  • You know that investing your beautiful money in this journey is going to bring the potential of transformation not only in your pregnancy but for the rest of your life!

  • You are open to connecting and bonding with your beautiful baby before they are born, and tuning into your own intuition & body-intelligence ​​​

  • You are self-responsible and have moved beyond the 'victim' mindset, truly ready to be empowered in your pregnancy, the choice you make, and have a more conscious, expansive and joyful journey into parenthood

Here's how to know if we aren't a good fit to work together

  • You are happy with regular antenatal courses and don't feel theres anything else you want to know or explore

  • You'd rather get through the pregnancy without much thought and 'wing it' at the birth!

  • You are someone who doesn't place value in self-development and growth

The Create lift Hypopressives Programme is for you if...

  • You have pelvic floor symptoms such as incontinence, heaviness or a prolapse or wish to avoid getting these issues in the future

  • You believe your health and wellbeing is super important, and you are ready to learn a technique that can really help you (we've got you!)

  • You want a specialised 1:1 programme that has been developed specifically for symptom relief and teach you a full repertoire or foundational and advanced poses, ensuring you get the most out of hypopressives and the most benefits

  • You have pelvic floor symptoms such as incontinence, heaviness or a prolapse or wish to avoid getting these issues in the future

  • You've tried other treatments or techniques (like pelvic floor exercises) but you aren't where you want to be yet with your pelvic floor and core

  • You want to learn a whole-body technique that gets your pelvic floor working well in the background for you, so whatever you do, you've built up the support system in your body to respond well as you get back to living your life well.

  • You've seen a women's health physio or been reviewed by a doctor (its really important you get booked in for an medical assessment before starting with us)​

  • You believe that the majority of pelvic floor issues ARE NOT a life sentence, that it isn't normal to leak after having a baby or as you get older and there IS something you can do about it

  • You can carve out 10-15 minutes daily throughout the programme to get to grips with the breathing and different postures (we know what we teaches works, you just need to do a little most days!)

  • You are ready to invest your beautiful money into your own healing journey using a programme that has helped hundred of women feel SO much better (it's a fraction of the cost of a new sofa... come on! it for YOU!)

  • You want support from an experienced hypopressive coach (part of the Create Lift Team) who is dedicated to supporting you to resolve issues and get you doing the things you love again!

  • You are self-responsible and have moved beyond the 'victim' mindset and are truly ready to feel empowered

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