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Pregnancy with Emily


I'm a UK Midwife (pregnancy & birth!)

+ Hypopressives coach (breathing, pelvic floor, alignment)

+ DreamBirth  Imagery practitioner

(visualisations, emotions, mind-body-heart)

+ Hypnobirth teacher

(relaxation, calm, mindset)


Work with me 1:1

I offer sessions and courses helping you feel more confident and connected as you have your baby

DreamBirth Sessions

For support at any stage

  • Preconception & preparation

  • Pregnancy (any trimester)

  • Prep for birth, labour, c-sections

  • Parenting / relationships / siblings

  • Adoption

  • Assisted conception

Nursing Newborn

Co-create your journey using your intelligence, intuition & imagination

maternity blue dress

Feel more confident about having your baby 

Mini Courses

Choose from three beautiful courses

Bond with Your Baby
Labour and Birth
The Baby Moon

Learn beautiful and effective techniques to practice daily and support you at any stage in your pregnancy

Immersive Birth Prep

Work with Emily over 8+ weeks

DreamBirth Imagery  (emotions, heart, body)
Hypopressives  (breathing, posture, pelvic floor)
Birth Biomechanics  (comfort, alignment, positions)
Hypnobirth  (relaxation, visualisations, mindset)
+ Birth and postnatal preparation

Maternity Yoga Online from Home

Journey into pregnancy & prepare for an empowering birth YOUR way

DreamBirth Sessions

Work 1:1 with Emily


Whatever your hopes or plans are in pregnancy, DreamBirth   offers a beautiful way for you to have more aligned, joyful and conscious experiences from conception to pregnancy, to birth and beyond. It is the most effective a powerful method I teach and has the ability to transform your experience on every level and give you the confidence as you get closer to birth and becoming a mum to your baby! I use it in all the courses I offer, and you can book 1:1's with me too.


DreamBirth   uses the language of imagery to talk directly to our body and our intuition. The method was developed by Dr Catherine Shainberg to help women and couples access their powerful inner creative potential and become more active participants in their journey towards becoming parents. It is used by hundreds of people around the world to have more beautiful, gentle, smoother experiences.


The method uses imagery exercises that are beautiful, healing and nurturing. They focus on different aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth, feeding and bonding, enabling you to prepare yourself using the incredible power of your imagination.



Pregnant Woman

What does a DreamBirth session involve?

Doing DreamBirth   imagery is a bit like being guided through a visualisation (eyes closed, calm, count back from 3 to 1...). There are many specific exercises to focus on different issues or intentions you may have (e.g. relaxing quickly, resolving fears, preparing for a smooth labour).


Your body will show you images (or a feeling!) that your subconscious holds within. We can then use the images to discover more about ourselves as we work with our subconscious, emotions and thoughts. By working on this level we can learn to let go of worries and doubts, and prepare to have a more empowering pregnancy and easier birth experience. Working on this deep level that will filter through to transform your daily life as you get closer to birth and parenthood.


DreamBirth  enables you to dialogue with, and heal parts of yourself that need more love or nurturing. Each session will bring you into closer connection with yourself, your intelligence and your higherself. And its fun! Getting ready in this way for birth as you prepare to become a parent can be deeply transformational and enrich your relationships with others, the bond with your baby, and perhaps most importantly your relationship with yourself.




Mini Courses

Work with Emily 1:1 over 2-3 sessions

Mini Courses

2 sessions with Emily   
Course price is £120

Your relationship with your beautiful babe begins way before birth! Babies are intelligent and respond to your attention and love as they develop. In this course learn amazing ways to connect to your baby in pregnancy that you can use everyday.

Bond with your baby


Labour & Birth Prep

The essential course to get your mind, body and emotions ready for labour and birth using techniques that focus on relaxation, coping well, and positions for labour and birthing. Learn DreamBirth, hypnobirthing, biomechanics and breathing techniques.

3 sessions with Emily 
Course price £180

Pregnant Belly

3 sessions with Emily 
Course price is £180

Transitioning into motherhood is huge! You have your new baby which can feel tender, exciting, exhausting, and sometimes isolating. Give yourself the time to delve into what this change might mean for you and how  best to support yourself and your baby.

The Baby Moon

Happy Family
Immersive Birth Prep

Journey into pregnancy and prepare for an empowering birth YOUR way

Immersive Birth Prep

Every woman deserves to feel confident and supported in her pregnancy
I offer 1:1 support that focuses on body, mind, heart
Weekly sessions to support you
Give yourself gorgeous ME-TIME that focuses on what you need and want
Learn incredible techniques including DreamBirth Imagery, Hypnobirthing, Birth Biomechanics + Hypopressives
Navigate your pregnancy in a way that aligns with you
Learn to bring more self-worth, joy and trust into your pregnancy - work on the mindset and energetic levels!
Practice and integrate powerful effective tools to have a beautiful, empowering birth
Tune into you body, learn optimal positions and breath work techniques


Birth YOUR way 

 Having a baby is one of life's   beautiful transitions which is   why I love this work so much... 

As a midwife and antenatal educator, I know how vital it is to look after yourself in pregnancy so you can make good choices, feel supported and prepare for parenthood! 


Having a baby is a completely unique experience for every woman. There are unknowns, changes, sometimes challenges, but always potential for healing, growth and fun.

Over the years as a doula, midwife, and antenatal educator I've learnt many techniques, methods and ways to support people be more confident in themselves, more empowered in their choices and more connected to themselves, their baby and their loved-ones.

I'm really honoured and excited to offer what I've learnt over the years (and continue to learn daily!) and tailor it to what you need along your journey. It all starts with you.

We'll be a great fit to work together if...

  • You want to have an empowering birth experience, and are ready to welcome more self-love and possibilities into your experience of having a baby​​

  • You want individualised support through your pregnancy that is nurturing, explorative and focuses on YOU  (with someone who understands pregnancy, birth, maternity systems and your options inside-out)

  • You know that there are lots of unknowns, but you want to embrace this, feel empowered, and be an active participant in whatever happens and with whatever choices you make on your journey 

  • You are aware of the strains on maternity services and want to equip yourself with effective tools to navigate this well and support yourself best, so you can begin your transition into motherhood positively 

  • You've may have already signed up for an antenatal course, but you want 1:1 support that delves into what YOU need - going beyond the theory, focusing on the practical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth for you

  • You know that taking time now to nurture yourself and prepare for what's to come will set you up for future wins with yourself and your family

  • You know that investing your beautiful money in yourself and your wellbeing is going to support you not only in your pregnancy but in your life going forwards

  • You are open to connecting and bonding with your beautiful baby before they are born, and tuning into your own intuition & body-intelligence ​​​

  • You are self-responsible and have moved beyond the 'victim' mindset, ready to be empowered through the ups and downs of pregnancy, and have a more conscious, expansive and joyful journey into parenthood!​

Happy Baby

Immersive Birth Prep

Work with Emily 1:1 online over 8 weeks
Start in any trimester

From £750 for 8 weeks

(Further weeks can be added on. Payment plans available!)

Arrange a free call to chat with me!

I'd love to talk about what is going on for you and talk about how we could possibly work together

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