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Navigate your pregnancy with more ease and confidence

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Prep for labour and birth

The essential course to get your mind, body and emotions ready for labour and birth using techniques that focus on relaxation, coping well, and positions for labour and birthing. Learn DreamBirth, hypnobirthing, biomechanics and breathing techniques.

3 sessions with Emily 1-2-1   
Course price £180

Pregnant Belly

Bond with your baby

Your relationship with your beautiful babe begins way before birth! Babies are intelligent and respond to your attention and love as they develop. In this course learn amazing ways to connect to your baby in pregnancy that you can use everyday.

2 sessions with Emily 1-2-1   
Course price is £120


The baby moon

Transitioning into motherhood is huge! You have your new baby which can feel tender, exciting, exhausting, and sometimes isolating. Give yourself the time to delve into what this change might mean for you and how  best to support yourself and your baby

3 sessions with Emily 1-2-1   
Course price is £180

Baby Holding Parent
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Reconnect and realign with your true self

Friends at the Beach

Let go and shift

Do you want to release unwanted patterns you've inherited or acquired in your life that may be limiting you? This course teaches you powerful ways to let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, as you focus on your potential moving forwards.

4 sessions with Emily 1-2-1   
Course price is £240

" Imagery allows you to powerfully transform from the inside out. Emily will show you how to navigate the inner world. "

Samara - London

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