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About Emily  &  Create Lift
About Emily

About Emily

My story of working with women began when I became a doula, and then a midwife, supporting hundreds of women through their beautiful (and varied) pregnancies and births. I witnessed how much our services tried, but often fell-short of the care women really need. Wanting to be able to do more for women, I eventually (narrowly escaping burnout) took the leap to focus on on post-birth recovery and wellness ... and I've never looked back!!


I work out of my studio (in lovely Norfolk), coaching the majority of my clients online (getting the same great results!). Bringing my experience and medical background from my time working in the hospital and community has been so valuable in understanding what women who end up with unexpected pelvic floor dysfunction have been through, and need. I am a qualified Hypopressives Level 1 & 2 Trainer, have done in-depth training in Create Lift Hypopressives and Coaching, and as well as working with my own clients, I assist Alice in workshops, and also running group classes for people who have completed our programme!


I've always been surrounded by women (I'm one of five sisters!) and am naturally passionate about encouraging and empowering people to find a way through when things get tough. I know that coming together to find solutions is how we can heal and feel more ourselves again.

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The Create Lift Story

It all started when Alice (Founder and CEO of Create Lift ) herself had a prolapse after her third baby, and nothing seemed to really help. After being told she'd probably need surgery, she searched  for something else to help, and eventually found out about hypopressives exercises. After learning this (at the time little-known!) technique and practicing it regularly, she went on to have a full recovery.


Knowing how many women out there needed to know about this life-changing technique, and having years of experience as a gynae nurse, she did extensive training and committed herself to trying to answer the questions about the technique that noone else seemed to have the answers for.


Our Story

Alice started working with women, and has since worked tirelessly to fine-tune, restructure, and ultimately create the Create Lift Programme we offer today. The data she has collected from the start about women's symptom improvements has been vital in helping to design the programme to get consistent results for women wide wise ranging symptoms and needs. Hundreds of women around the world have completed the programme and had amazing improvements that they didn't think would be possible.

Since has grown a team of over 20 fully qualified coaches and committed coaches made up of nurses, physios, midwives and fitness professionals, who deliver her data-supported programme around the world.

What makes us unique

What makes our programme so unique?

Symptom Tracking

We monitor your symptoms throughout using a validated screening tool, and review your progress at intervals to ensure you are progressing 

We only work 1:1

We work closely with our women 1:1 for three months, meeting weekly, tailoring each session and making sure they get the best possible coaching and guidance 

Specific Vacuum

We use a nuance of the hypopressives technique that may be different to what you've seen elsewhere and avoids unwanted pressure in the abdomen

When will I feel a difference?

From our extensive data, we can advise that the majority of the women with will be experiencing symptom improvements (for prolapse) at week four

A full range of poses

Our programme includes a wide range of foundational and advanced poses and sequences that have been selected to work throughout the body and pelvic floor, and maximise the benefits you can get 

Ongoing Support

As you complete the programme we make a practice plan for your continued recovery  and make sure you are confident going forwards. You also get ongoing access to videos, free calendars and other resources

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