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Create Lift  Hypopressives


Struggling with leaking or a prolapse?

I teach the Create Lift Programme  that uses hypopressives breathwork, targeted poses, and symptom monitoring to help reduce symptoms within weeks


What women are saying


After 2 years of suffering with prolapse symptoms I decided to try Hypopressives.


I immediately noticed a difference and it got better and better each week.


I no longer feel that heavy dragging pain. I always had a bulge which has also lifted!


It's completely changed my life!


I think the programme is perfectly pitched. Knowing that the coaches involved are from medical backgrounds is what swung it for me as it felt informed and appropriately supported.

Emily has been an amazing coach to me throughout this fantastic programme...

It is an investment, but one which is a life long investment as once you learn the tools you have them forever.

The Create Lift Programme


Developed for women needing relief from pelvic floor symptoms

14-week specialised hyopressives programme

Symptom screening and monitoring throughout

Weekly 1:1 sessions with Emily (zoom video calls or in studio)

Life-time access to Create Lift Pose & Flow videos

Progressions tailored to ensure you get best results

Anytime help from Emily to support you throughout

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How does the programme work?

The Create Lift Programme  gives you 1:1 intensive coaching for 14 weeks either online or in person

During weekly sessions, you progressively learn over dynamic and advanced hypopressives poses to fully integrate the breathwork, get confident and stronger

Any symptoms you've been experiencing are monitored throughout to ensure you are progressing well


What are hypopressives?

Hypopressives are full body exercises that use breathing techniques, poses & movement

The unique breath-work creates low pressure in the abdomen which works deeply to help your pelvic floor


The dynamic poses and movement work to release tension, improve tone and increase strength throughout the body

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Benefits of
  • Improves and supports the pelvic floor muscles

  • Builds whole body strength and tone

  • Optimises how you can breathe

  • Gives full body myofascial release

  • Improves posture and reduces waistline

  • Offers a way to calm the nervous system & relax

  • Significantly improves prolapse and heaviness

  • Reduces leaking & other pelvic floor symptoms

Join a Taster Class

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