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Hi, I'm Emily

And I offer courses to get your mind, body & emotions aligned for life, birth & beyond...

Emily Housman

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Wednesday 5th April  6:30-7:30pm  1hr live on Zoom

An amazing breathing and postural technique for pelvic floor and core

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We don't tend to notice how essential our pelvic floor is... until it stops doing its job so well and starts to really affect our daily lives

 If this is you, you aren't alone... 
Around 50% of women experience leaking or prolapse at some point in their lives... We don't tend to talk this. But this is a BIG deal!

Don't worry, we've got you!
Hypopressive are a powerful technique to resolve pelvic floor issues fast and effectively. I work with women using Create Lift, a hypopressives programme that is consistently getting incredible results for women and helping them get back to doing the things they love within weeks!


14-week symptom improvement programme to strengthen the core and restore your...

Woman Practising Pilates


Mini-course for postural, core and pelvic floor support using techniques perfect for pregnancy...

Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat
" Emily is extremely knowledgeable and gentle. She helped me immeasurably pre, during & post the birth of my second baby. "

Hanna - West Yorkshire


Your pregnancy is unique. Preparing well means putting YOU at the centre

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Feel empowered in your pregnancy
I'm not offering run-of-the-mill antenatal classes because I've seen over and over again that you need more than that these days to confidently navigate your pregnancy journey.

Your experience is so important
Having your body, mind AND emotions all working together and in alignment increases the chance of you having a positive journey.

We work holistically together supporting you to have an empowered and gentle birth and a smooth postnatal journey, whatever your birth plan.


" You listened so skilfully to me and the baby and merged your intuition with knowledge which was simply phenomenal "

Sarah - Cambridge

Tap into the intelligence and intuition of your body to reconnect, release & shift


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