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Are you struggling with common pelvic floor issues like prolapse and leaking? You've come to the right place.


I specialise in helping women reduce or even eliminate symptoms with our dedicated 3-month hypopressives programme


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About 50% of women will experience some sort of pelvic floor issue at some point in life


Often post-childbirth, during peri-menopause or post-menopause

I know that this can have a huge impact on your life

But you aren't on your own - we've helped hundreds of women like you to feel so much better

Women are getting amazing results!

We are leading the way with our symptom improvement programme and have helped hundreds of women feel better again


What women are saying

Kate (Doctor)

Pelvic floor exercises (kegels) didn't seem to help so I thought I would try hypopressives just in case...


And now I have no symptoms whatsoever after just three months!

Della, Norfolk

I have been doing hypopressives for a year now, and I can't thank you enough for the change to my life


I have gone from being frightened to move and dreading getting out of bed and standing up, to enjoying my physically demanding job and as a result feeling so much happier

Why choose Create Lift ?


Our hypopressives programme is really specialised as we work with women 1:1 with regular symptom monitoring to ensure you are getting as much symptom relief and benefit from the technique, and make sure you feel confident with hypopressives going forwards.


Create Lift  was started by Alice (Founder & CEO) who discovered for herself how life-changing hypopressives exercises can be and realised she just had to spread the word to other women who might be struggling with pelvic floor issues. She went on to develop the 3-month programme that has helped hundreds of women globally, taught by an amazing team of Create Lift coaches (I'm one of them!).

We have so much incredible feedback from women who feel both physically and mentally stronger by the end of the programme, ready to face the little and BIG things in life again.


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Work with me
Create Lift
Taster Class


Come and try it yourself!

The perfect way to find out more and see how our programme can help you

Create Lift


Sign up for the 14-week programme with Emily as your coach to improve pelvic floor symptoms

for Pregnancy

This is our adapted 1:1 course that is safe for pregnancy and supports a smoother birth and recovery

The Create Lift Programme



What you get when you sign up:

14-week specialised hyopressives programme

Symptom screening and monitoring throughout

Weekly 1:1 sessions with Emily (zoom video calls or in studio)

Life-time access to Create Lift Pose & Flow videos


Progressions tailored to ensure you get best results

Anytime help from Emily to support you throughout

Outcomes for women I've worked with
These are results my clients have had after completing their Create Lift Programme
(For prolapse / heaviness symptoms)
Chart 1.png

86% Improvement

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A little about me

Since joining Alice's team in the early days, I have been amazing by how life-changing hypopressives can be. We have helped so many women reduce or even eliminate pelvic floor symptoms (like incontinence and heaviness), and support them as they get back to doing what they love and feeling confident againwhether that's being able to pick up kids worry-free, getting back into exercise, or just being about to laugh without crossing your legs!).


Before becoming a Create Lift  Coach I worked as a midwife in the NHS, so have always been super passionate about helping women feel confident and supported, particularly given the short-falls we often see in women's health care.

Many of our women have received great care elsewhere and have tried different things, but are looking for something else to help them turn the corner. If this sound like you, we can have a quick chat and see how I might be able to help!


Book a free 15 minute call

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