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Hypopressives are enjoyable exercises that use breathing techniques & movement to target your pelvic floor and core to create lasting changes.


Create Lift  is a specially developed hypopressive programme giving one-to-one support to help you get your pelvic floor, core, and posture back on track.

Get back to doing the things you love with confidence!


14-week symptom improvement programme to strengthen the core and restore your...

Woman Practising Pilates

Create Lift   Hypopressives


Pregnancy Hypopressives

Mini-course for postural, core and pelvic floor support using techniques perfect for pregnancy...

Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat

Come along to a Taster Class!

Are you interested in finding out more about hypopressives?
This is the perfect way to get introduced to this amazing technique

Want to know why hypopressives is incredible at improving pelvic floor strength and health?
Do you want to find out how our Create Lift Programme can help you?
Come along and try the breathing technique and some postures...

Benefits of hypopressives...
  • ​​Pelvic floor support

  • Whole body strength and tone

  • Optimises breathing

  • Full body myofascial release

  • Improves posture and reduces waistline

  • Destress technique and relax with ease

  • Significantly improves prolapse and heaviness

  • Reduces leaking & other pelvic floor issues

...and for pregnancy 
  • Improves oxygenation around body

  • Calms vagus nerve & promote relaxation

  • Enhances posture and reduce lordosis

  • Minimises diastasis-recti

  • Supports recovery post-birth

" It's completely changed my life! I only wish I'd done it sooner. "

Priti - England

Why are hypopressives
a life-changing technique?

Hypopressives are a radical way of approaching whole body wellness and pelvic floor health.

You learn a unique breathing technique that creates low pressure in the abdomen, that when used with different dynamic postures and movements, you can transform posture, align your body and make long-lasting changes, fast!

They have a unique & profound effect on the body as they work deeply to enhance pelvic floor health, and symptoms, whilst also strengthening the core and releasing tight fascia.

Hypopressives are a relaxing but powerful way to exercise, and are used across the world for wellbeing and postnatal recovery. They tone the body, nip the waist, helping you feel more supple, strong and confident.

We have Create Lift  coaches across the UK - Meet the other coaches here!


Hypopressives Courses

Work with Emily 1:1

The Create Lift  Programme


Create Lift

Hypopressives      from £58 /month*


14-week one-to-one symptom improvement programme

  • Learn full range of poses, sequences & flows

  • Symptom screenings + regular reviews on progress

  • Access to Create Lift   video series for EXTRA support

  • Expect to start seeing results in 4-6 weeks!


Includes 6 hours (11 sessions) 1-2-1 with Emily online (or in-person)

Full programme price is £700   

(*Payment plans available)


Woman Practising Pilates

Hypopressives for pregnancy


Hypopressives                     £180

6-week one-to-one pregnancy programme

  • Learn poses and flows perfect for pregnancy

  • Improve posture, core tone and alignment

  • Strengthen pelvic floor, improve oxygenation


Includes 5 sessions 1-2-1 live with Emily online (or in-person)

Full programme price is £180

Before booking, book a call in with me so we can chat first

(Payment plan available)

Prenatal Yoga
I'd love to work with you!
" This has been the best thing I did for myself. It's changed my life "

Anon Client - UK

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